Friday, 30 September 2016

The songs and I

Hey. What's up? So tonight I wanna talk about 'the songs'. What kind of music do I listen to? Tbh, A LOT and it's universal. I'm a random person hehehe. So... Most of the people around me always view me as a teenager who prefers English as her first choice. Lol perhaps. (One of the reasons this blog is called LOL cuz I laugh loudly and I laugh a lot). Yup, I listen to English songs. The songs on my playlist are One Direction, Justin Bieber... And those famous artists whose names you always hear. I malas nk mention. I also listen to old English songs (beatles,queen bla bla)

Little do they know how crazy I am, because I listen to all of the songs in any kinds of languages. I'm okay as long as the melodies are catchy and most importantly those beats make me happy, I'm gonna love them for a long time hahahaha. So, I'm surrounded by a multi-races community. I go to school which has those other races (Chinese, Indian, orang asli, bumiputera). It's not a big deal to socialize w them cuz I'm adaptable. I don't care whoever you are, as long as you are nice to me, I'll be nice w you >;).  Be nice to nice. Be bad to bad.

I still remember those days when I was in form 1 (when life was amazing), a Chinese friend of mine taught me to sing a mandarin song, I guess it's called pengyou (friend in English). The art of pronouncing the Chinese words is beautiful. But it's difficult. If your pinyin is wrong, the meaning of the word will be wrong. I imitated the dialect of the singer hahaha. Until today, I might be able to sing it. I wish that I could sing it fluently like I used to do. Hmm... It's a fact, if I'm in the car waiting for mom to finish her meeting, I randomly turn on the radio then listen to if the Chinese songs are good hehe. Even I understand nothing.

What about Tamil songs? To be honest, Indian beats make me want to dance. Automatically, I want to shake my body. Last month, our our way to banghuris, accidentally the driver was an Indian so obviously, during the whole trip that ane played Indian songs. This one song that I'm still not sure the actual title of it, but it's catchy. My buddy and I sang it loudly we could get a word and we repeated it all over again. Then the whole bus looked at us weirdly hahaha. Suddenly, there was 'sampaikanlah Salam' a song by alley cats in Tamil. We were so excited :-p. I sometimes browse YouTube to listen to any of Tamil songs then I'll be dancing gleefully.

Being raised in a conservative family, x de la traditional sangat... But my parents are quite strict lol and they're Malay oriented makes me listen to rock kapak songs sometimes. I don't play it but others would play those songs during Kenduri. Of course, I have to attend those social events even though I hate it. I know some lagu lama. Then I ade jugak nyanyi ngan kawan2 I especially when we have nothing to do. Seriously, it's really fun. It seems like letting problems go chehhhh padahal those lyrics are quite jiwang obviously it's not relatable to me plus I bukannya je feeling2 pon. Whatever the songs, the melodies are very cool.

Yeah... I listen to Korean and Japanese songs and bla bla bla. Indonesian? Yup now my fav is jomblo happy and idk why it's stuck on my head now lol... jomblo happy memang pilihan hati. Hahaha I sang this song w my squad during addmath diorang yang taught me about lagu ni.

So... Whatever songs that make me happy might be the memories were created with the people who I love. Wekkk hahaha. Goodnight. Wish me luck on this road of success ;)


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