Sunday, 25 September 2016

keep moving forward

assalamualaikum and hey, hello, ni hao, vanakam, ohaiyo and whatsoever hahaha.
its been a long since i haven't written a post here. how am i doin? alhamdulilah, im doin great and its 5.05 pm. im hungry (fact; im always hungry) i've decided to make my old posts private because of some personal reasons. long story short, im 16 now heyyy. time flies!
so now, i'll be writin about "keep moving forward". Well, i have been through an awful depression before this, and i have to admit that what had always been on my mind at that time was "everything sucks". so many things happened, long story short, im movin on and i hope everything goes well. amin.

firstly why 'keep moving forward' is my favorite quote? its because this quote has had always taught me to be a better person than i used to be. to be honest, im not a nostalgic person yup, i dont like to remember about past things that much because it makes me live in an old memory and... i'm just static. how i deal w those stuff? hmm... well this quote always reminds to forget about anything happens (things i dont wanna remember again) especially those sad memories. when i remember about this quote, it seems like a light bringing me out from darkness. the old me is a just history. a history that won't repeated again. cewahhh hahaha

secondly, this quote gives me positive vibes. i believe that a negative thought can tarnish someone's reputation down. of course, we do feel sorrow if any unexpected thing happens. yes, i've to admit that i'm imperfect i sometimes view something negatively. but im still trying to fix the bad sides of me. Oh why positive vibes? they make you happy and without realizing it, you make something real sincerely. :) so... let's spread positive vibes wherever you are... and... be optimistic and thankful ;3.

thirdly, i believe action speaks louder than words...

last but not least, i hope this post can shine someone's day hahaha. and obviously, its a reminder for myself. dah lah i lapar nak masak maggi jap. goodbye homies!

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